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(posted on 3 Dec 2017)

The Happy Whale

I love this image!  The title for this blog refers to the constant change we experience as humans.  Since July I have had to seriously pare down on my activities as I have been experiencing a relapse in heart failure.  We all have to constantly adapt to our environment and lately that has meant me giving up my studio space at Broken Fish in Comox and returning home.  I am truly blessed to have a beautiful home, supportive loving husband, sister, and friends who have helped me adapt to my new situation.  This whale lives under the ocean in silence and I have had to create my own sphere of silence so I may recover.  Silence is incredibly healing and restorative. Perhaps my images will convey this in the next chapter of my new life.  Thank you for reading. xxx

(posted on 27 Jun 2017)

In honour of Canada's 150th Anniversary I feel extremely privileged to have been born and raised on Vancouver Island. I have have received the benefits of a country where freedom of expression is allowed and I am blessed with the surroundings and lifestyle that has brought to me the inspiration for much of my work.

I am so grateful to call this place home.

Happy Canada Day everyone.

(posted on 12 May 2017)

(posted on 14 Apr 2017)

It took two long years of exploration to create imagery that felt like it was truly mine. At my first collaborative studio I was surrounded by people who had been painting for a long time. I gleaned clues on how they began a work but none of it felt right for me. There is no way around finding a style except hard work. These faceless woman are about my search for identity in my life and in my art. The Blue Bird is the link between them and the quest for freedom. It's a balance for any artist.

(posted on 16 Mar 2017)

Bird at Night

This painting is symbolic for me. It's about patiently waiting for the right moment...or not!

I took a risk 6 years ago and jumped back into making art. It felt like I had waited a life time to do it and I always knew when I got back to it I would be committed. To fully live a certain amount of risk is involved but like the bird in this painting an innate drive moves us forward. I have had some amazing experiences so far. Thanks for joining me. 💜💛💚

(posted on 6 Jan 2017)

Happy 2017 everyone. Here's a short recap of last year. I had 6 shows throughout the spring and fall, moved from my studio in Tin Town to my big New York style storage unit and then with art pal Stacey Wright to A new space at 1822 Comox Avenue. From mid October I was there every day till the last week in November. We had an opening, I was at Filberg Lodge and Stacey was at the studio for the Central Island Studio Tour. Broken Fish has been a wonderful success with 5 other artist's having their wares in the shop. The plan is to move to main street level at the front this summer. Stay tuned.😄

(posted on 6 Nov 2016)

Well, it is November 6th and Stacey Wright and I have opened a temporary shop and gallery for the next 3 months!! I sublet the space at the back and it is so lovely. Take a look at my events page for hours and come visit. Stacey makes the glass, I paint and there are three other artist's works in her pop up shop at the front. It is a great opportunity to meet the great folks in Comox

Broken Fish Studios Pop Up Gallery/ #6-1822 Comox Ave. Comox, B.C.

(posted on 16 Sep 2016)

New Digs

Remind you of anywhere? If you never visited my space in Tin Town this new studio is very much like it except it has no stucco walls. The light has been exceptional, lots of fresh air and very nice people. I have already met two other creatives who have been excited about my intention to paint here till the right building or circumstance presents itself. Everything is temporary and it has helped me realise there is a plan and that I need to be open to those nudges I get from the Universe that gives me the courage or tenacity to speak up and then move in the direction I need to.

On the easel is the commission I have been working on intermitently for quite some time. It has been the most difficult piece I have done to date. There is so much involved; history, family, memories, the setting, the light (backlit), the atmosphere and of course the ocean and the bridge. The decisions and the waiting has been relentless and I should be used to this as I have had experience with long periods of stresses, decision making (good and bad) and not reacting. It is my hope that the soon to be owner of the piece can feel the various levels of complexity in trying to capture the moment involving this family. I am pleased to have been asked but the challenges have felt enormous. I appreciate their patience with me.

I am no longer open to the public but am able to do viewings by appointment.

250 792-4992

(posted on 2 Aug 2016)

There have been 4 major events this year that I have been involved with. I am always inspired and amazed by the continual support I receive from my followers and by the new people I meet. This has been such a great passion on so many levels. The May studio tour was huge with over 200 visitors to the studio in Tin Town, Courtenay. My associate Stacey Wright has been there on 2 of the 3 tours selling her beautiful glass. She is such a professional and wonderful with people. I feel very grateful to have her with me on these events.

In July I attended the River City Art's Fest held in the Campbell River Community Center. For 3 days I visited with many familiar faces and met new clients. The birds were a resounding hit!

Sat. Aug 6th and Sunday August 7th will be Original's Only in booth #25. Here's hoping for decent weather. It's a great venue, many people are very keen to purchase original pieces. I can't wait.

Will be doing Art in the Park in Parksville during Sandcastle days, Sat. Aug. 20th from 10-5pm. I will be on the grass right behind the sandcastles.

Thanks for following me. xxx

(posted on 29 Sep 2015)

Downtown Social Club

During a 3 day outdoor show at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens, I met Kim Tymchuk and Eirah Unger. Kim was showing her exquisite handmade scarves and while passing by my tent she stopped by. After some discussion she invited me to show my work at their cafe located in downtown Courtenay. Twenty nine pieces from my collection are hanging at The Downtown Social Club and it feels like every piece belongs there.

I feel so grateful to have met them.

Ira and Kim have an amazing space with wonderful coffees and homemade baking that is out of this world. They recently hosted Eric Bibb at the venue, and he played to a packed house of 60 people.

Do drop in and have a java!

My work shall be there till Oct. 19th 2015. Located at 574 Cumberland Road. Hours are Tues through Sat. 8:30 to 5pm.

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