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(posted on 16 Sep 2016)

New Digs

Remind you of anywhere? If you never visited my space in Tin Town this new studio is very much like it except it has no stucco walls. The light has been exceptional, lots of fresh air and very nice people. I have already met two other creatives who have been excited about my intention to paint here till the right building or circumstance presents itself. Everything is temporary and it has helped me realise there is a plan and that I need to be open to those nudges I get from the Universe that gives me the courage or tenacity to speak up and then move in the direction I need to.

On the easel is the commission I have been working on intermitently for quite some time. It has been the most difficult piece I have done to date. There is so much involved; history, family, memories, the setting, the light (backlit), the atmosphere and of course the ocean and the bridge. The decisions and the waiting has been relentless and I should be used to this as I have had experience with long periods of stresses, decision making (good and bad) and not reacting. It is my hope that the soon to be owner of the piece can feel the various levels of complexity in trying to capture the moment involving this family. I am pleased to have been asked but the challenges have felt enormous. I appreciate their patience with me.

I am no longer open to the public but am able to do viewings by appointment.

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