Dot Hill was my Father’s secretary and office manager for 25 years throughout the 50’s to the early 70’s. She managed my Father’s plumbing, contracting and electrical business, all the men of the crew and ┬áthe various contractors who did business with the company. Dot dressed impeccably and had perfect hair, makeup, clothes and nails. She typed on an old Olivetti typewriter and wore rubber gloves to put away parts. Dot had a wry sense of humour and was tough. Nothing got past her and as you will see in this series, nothing ever does. Here she is… a retired Boomer that Zooms!

Enjoy travelling with Dot Hill!

8″ x 10″ prints and cards are available.

Dot Hill in Holland
Dot Hill in Hawaii
Dot Hill goes to Braodway
Dot Hill in Paris – Tres Chic!
Dot Hill in New York
Dot Hill in Japan
Dot Hill’s African Safari

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8″ x 10″ prints and cards are available.

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