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Was just admiring all your paintings , who knew you were an artist....not me...that's for sure!! Beautiful mother used to paint...and now I am starting is my fortei....its a start!! So nice to see your soft and delicate paintings...just like them all....take care!! xx
Shelagh Germyn - 6 Aug 2016
Hi Lyn, I'm home in Ontario after my visit to 'The Valley' and happily browzing through your site. Loved meeting you and seeing your delightful work covering the walls of your super-studio space. Intended of course to come back in and find something (?) to bring home but time got in the way. Will definitely be there again with more time to decide among so many enticing small and large pieces I know it will still be difficult to make a final choice. So enjoyed meeting you. Stay well and keep on keeping on with the artwork, you'll bring joy to so many. Your new friend, Bridie
Bridie Wright - 13 Mar 2015
Hi Lynnie, just visiting your site again to see if you had a friend the right size to go with our beautiful new piece. Don't think so, so we will talk. Much love:)
Katrina Morgan - 31 Oct 2014
Peacefulness, color and energy are so present in your art Lynn! Beautiful! Congratulations on your solo show!
Sheryl Macleod-Sidwell - 4 Mar 2014
Wonderful Lynn!! I love your use of vibrant colors.
Dodie Law Hodgins - 18 Oct 2013
Lynn love your work- hats off to you- so talented!So impressed - So original- do u have a display here in Kelowna?
jan murphy - 7 Aug 2013
My kindred spirit Lynnie! Your work is beautiful-so alive and full of color.
Sheryl Macleod-Sidwell - 24 Jul 2013
Lynne, I'm soooooo proud of you!! I LOVE seeing you step into the full creativity of YOU!! YES,! I also love that you fearlessly (or so it seems) explore with different styles & media! And.....your web site is great; so easy to explore & experience your art! I love you, my friend!!
Cheryle Taylor - 15 Apr 2013
Love it. Lynn I am inspired by the freedom in your art. So loose and expressive and colourful and lively. I am in love with The Dancers. I also love your abstracty paintings ... the tulips, the farmer's field, (can't quite remember the titles) ... and your mixed media Tango Feet. So fun. Hope you make it back to Cecelia for some more printmaking! xx
Susan Underwood - 14 Apr 2013
Lynnie! What a complete joy to see you are in the studio - it's where you've always belonged! S'wonderful to see your incredible work showcased here; many will be awed & inspired by your talent, passion & authentic creations. I've always been a fan! I remember you used to encourage me to embrace more colour(s) ;) . . . Bravo Lynnie! I'm very proud & so very happy for you. Best of luck & many hugs, Dee xo
Dee Siddons - 10 Apr 2013
Dearest Lynnie, your work is both awesome and oh so inspirational! I am so excited for you and so proud of your accomplishments I could burst! You have always had the talent and now it's so nice to see it out there where it belongs... seems like moving back to the island and settling down has agreed with you. Way to go Farwell and keep up the good work! Love from your old pal. xoxo
Francine Alford - 7 Apr 2013
I couldn't be prouder or happier for you my dear friend. Beyond what you give us in your art, it is the peace, joy and fun exuding from you, that I am enjoying the most.
Katrina Morgan - 7 Apr 2013
Your website is fantastic and you my dearest oldest friend, are doing what you were meant to do! You were always so incredibly talented, you just needed a medium to showcase it and the resolute to put it out there. I of course love the Dot Hill series, with having known her, makes them even more special. I am so proud of you and so pleased that you are doing what you love! xoxox
Mimi Wilson - 6 Apr 2013
Great works Lynn! ,so many different styles from the same person. G.
Guillermo Mier - 6 Apr 2013
Wow Lynnie, Fabulous job. I love all the works of Dot Hill, so vibrant and alive. What a wonderful, diverse display you have. All the best of luck and here's to Kelowna. LOve D
Dorothy Aubert - 5 Apr 2013
Lynnie, I love that you said that we are here so express ourselves through creative expression! You inspire me to do the same because I feel you through your art. Your soul sings to mine! So proud and happy for you my friend. This is just the beginning of the rest of your life! Love and hugs, Anne
Anne Sands - 5 Apr 2013
I love your work, I always will.
Robin Wocks - 4 Apr 2013
Am I the first guest?!! :):) Bravo, Lynnie! I am so excited I could cry! Congratulations, Dot would love this! xoxo Love, your sister, Lisa
Lisa - 4 Apr 2013
i'm so impressed by your enthusiasm and dedication to your art...and i absolutely love your zest of life working alongside you here in the studio dear lynnie! wishing you all good things xo
jennifer weber - 4 Apr 2013
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